Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are Pranks Crummy?

As I learned earlier this year, the only way to handle a roommate who steps out of line is to put crumbs in her bed and leave a note that says "(spoiling movies/swapping hard-boiled for regular eggs/fake proposing to my significant other) is crummy."

But I've recently found myself in the role of inadvertent prankster, and Kristin recently found herself in the role of someone covered in dog hair clippings on the beach.

On one hand, pranks are awesome.

On the other hand, they make boys in college feel great about dropping five benjamins on making his best friend's relationship really uncomfortable*:

best/worst prank ever

Most importantly, Kristin owes me one. And if I know her, she's going to pay up. In prank dollars.

*if K didn't figure out that the title of this post was really a link, no one would. so: link update

1 comment:

kristin said...

pranks can be both awesome and crummy, because like is complicated that way.

please do tell us more about $500 jokes made out of awkward. i'm keeping an idea book.