Monday, August 31, 2009


jonny gomez, scoundrelest of scamps, prince among men, and immensely talented artist, breezes into chicago this week. his work and his smirk would be a credit to our little village, so everybody, you see him, you be sweet. he likes the sweet stuff.

look at this, though. just look at it. my my. it's a thing he does well.

gorgeous, no? texture, chaos, color - all things i want to brush up against. sometimes you find yourself lost in an image. sometimes you want to stay there.

one of these is going to end up in my living room and my home will nearly be complete. your favorites? i'm partial to all of them, myself.

i don't know how i missed this before, but hey new favorite. this is an aesthetic, and it's one we all strive for, on occasion, if not daily.

go on then. look at the rest: jon gomez

p.s. should you know anyone who has completed or is currently enrolled in the mfa program at saic for fine arts, painting, etc, do let us know. insight is in demand.

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