Friday, August 28, 2009

bme: baby, forgive me, come back edition

summer, my love, between the late nights out traipsing carelessly about with nogoodniks and scamps of all sorts, i realize i may have upset you. do not think for a second i have not noticed. you have been so cold, so dark. it's chilling.

i know i can be flighty darling but please, don't go. not yet. i'm not ready for this. barry white said it best, and baritoniest, and way fucking better than lisa stansfield, when he said "i'm never never gonna give you up." i don't have that track in my computer brain, but here are 22 other ways that ought to tell you that i can't stand the you-shaped lack you want to leave in my heart. 22! that's a shit ton of real talk.

one more chance. please, i need this. summer, i'm lost without you.

mary j. blige - i'm going down
otis redding - pain in my heart
ryan adams - why do they leave
bill withers - ain't no sunshine
she & him - you really got a hold on me
jens lenkman - pocketful of memory
sufjan stevens - for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti
stars - one more night
peter gabriel - in your eyes
jenny lewis - tryin' my best
the magnetic fields - i don't want to get over you
billie holiday - night and day
al green - let's stay together
tv on the radio - lover's day
jose gonzales - heartbeats
pure prairie league - amie (falling in and out of love)
menomena - wet and rusting
the knife - heartbeats
the national - start a war (white sessions, live)
band of horses - no one's gonna love you
lykke li - tonight

and because not so deep inside of me, summer, there is a drunk, mexican woman howling at the moon for her wayward love:
chavela vargas - paloma negra
deal with that.

if even still, even now, you must go, maybe one last quick roll in the hay? for old time's sake?


a b said...

Without hyperbole, I can fully assert that your mixtapes are the best mixtapes ever.

Carrie said...

she's not that deep inside of you.