Monday, August 17, 2009

"different from most tuesdays, how?"

says a b, upon hearing that tomorrow, tuesday, august 18th, is bad poetry day.

things to watch out for on august 18th:
bad haiku.
simply shit awful
and shamelessly asinine.
see how i'm clever?*

rhyming couplets

inadvertently anti-semitic readings of paul celan.
just to ensure we're all on the same page, "death fugue" features a profound lack of triumphant moments.

metaphors made out of oceans, eyes, parasitic insects/vampires, good nights

percy bysshe shelley

in case of shelley, break glass.

pale boys in silly hats certain that reading a poem entitled "eating out" (yes, about exactly that) from his iphone to you and your friends at a party is a whiskey and cigarette lined road to late night glory.
(right here is where, were i a slightly less good person, i'd post the video of this happening with the perfect, concise caption reading: No.)

and now i'm finished and it's well past midnight and it's officially bad poetry day. so g'nite my loves, i've got some feeling and expression to do.

*full disclosure: i fucking love haiku.

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