Thursday, August 27, 2009

the ending's easiest to imagine

the assignment daniel gave me is straight forward: write a poem about bricks without using any adverbs. due sunday, 5pm.

i arrive only at the last line: "another weight without belonging." i know that's how it ends.

there were others. lines, i mean. none worth noting yet. "rendered to edifice" maybe but that has the distinct sound of trying too hard.

the scrawling began as i was taking the train from the south side to the loop and, bless my stars, there were bricks upon bricks, piles and buildings, new ones, old ones, ones destined for slaughter as the city grows newer. what happens to bricks when they are no longer wanted standing as they are? scrap metal, wood chips - they probably even recycle asbestos somehow, the bastards. but bricks? where do they go when they have outlived their purpose? when st. boniface is finally, inevitably, torn to the ground, to what form will it return?

where are you going, little brick pile?

do you remember what you were?

i am not going to google this. let me keep this mystery for myself. i've got some work to do.

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