Monday, August 17, 2009

file under: maybe i'm not so hip.

ralph kramden is - how the kids say - hip?

i will admit to several things:

the subversively cultured urban male is, in fact, a preference.
i certainly appreciate a dude in a good t-shirt.
these parts have seen a soft belly or two.

that said, i am a touch disarmed by the frequency with which this has been forwarded to me since its doughy burst into the public consciousness last week. slightly more alarming is that the new york times continues to consider itself a publication with some stake in the real world - a world in which, if one had all the abs and wanted to forward said abs to my attention, i would do my best to appreciate those too.

p.s. the first to say "coolster" in the aforementioned real world is the first to go when the apocalypse comes at last.


Carrie said...

only googling "all the abs" brings up websites like and John Bartlett's Spring/Summer Collection in which he makes clear that it's all about the washboard. Unfortunately, that collection is from 2007. does that make the ab outdated? only if you're the nyt and taking the pulse of subculture using a grapefruit instead of a wrist.

kristin said...

you're absolutely right on carrie - grapefruits are totally worthless.

you use the internet in clever ways. have you considered starting a blog?