Tuesday, August 18, 2009

friends, pals, and some friends

figuring the internet far too unwieldy an expanse, i have secured the support and occasional musings of some of the smartest, funniest, drinkiest broads to come out of the university of chicago with their senses of humor and subjectivity intact.

a b: pretty thinking proprietor of frills and furbelows. easy on the eyes, hard on the jameson.

carrie: resident funtime mathematician with an excellent head of curls and ideas. we share a dog and a mutual appreciation for terrible jokes.

emily: wears pearls and rompers without a trace of irony, god bless her soul. an extraordinary playwright to boot. hours of idleness ain't a bad place to be, either.

naomi: the littlest sister with the toughest mouth. the source of much innovative, if uncouth, textual analysis and all the best weekend plans. she'll probably make some dirty jokes and bicycle off into the sunset.

we love experiments round here.

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