Friday, August 21, 2009

leave your business pants at home

get your bacon lil' darlings, it's a weekend!

summer 2k9, love of my life, and i are going to do all sorts of party romance.

eyes up, kids:

free da funk
because the funk needs freeing, and little says liberation like $5 cocktails and constrictive american apparel dresses.

crab rangoon.

26th annual ukrainian days festival

did you know that this was a thing that existed for real talk? god bless democracy, god bless the ukraine.

throw the wine in your bag, pack your fanciest cigarettes and wheel yourself to fous de bassin:

sunday is yours to deal with however you choose. but my plans involve a whole roasted pig, a hot vodka injection, a tub full of skippy, and mop sauce. which is a sauce, that is mopped.

a fucking mop sauce.

1 comment:

KF said...

Verily, I am sad that I will miss Ukrainian festival as I will be at a wedding NOT stuffing my face full of potato-inspired dishes.

And also, Missouri?: "This wonderful mopping sauce is perfect for your pig roast. Adds tremendous flavor and keeps Porky nice and moist, whether you are roasting Boston Butts or a 300 pound hog"