Saturday, August 22, 2009

GQ and Paul Newman said Now, mother fuckers. Go shirt shopping.

GQ, you've been passing for straight for all these years and there's a reason we just hag along wherever you go. Because where you go is so god damned good sometimes.

Slide through this lovely showing of GQ's 50 Most Stylish Men. Try to do it just once. And when you get through the second time, just keep going, but for round three, jot down some of these style tips. Then run through the streets after dark with spray paint and plaster the walls and the pavement of your city with the apparently crypt-kept secrets to male style, e.g., "If you want to be taken seriously, pay as much attention to your hair as your suit," "Find your inner dandy and let him loose," and, my personal favorite, "Go buy a white Oxford cloth button-down-collar dress shirt. Now."

Fifty small sentences for man, fifty giant statements for mankind. GQ, you keep it real and live the lie and we'll dream the dream that they'll all come 'round.


Naomi said...

i do love a torso hugging vest!
i do!

Carrie said...

if a denim shirt is unimpeachably american, than a denim shirt with the sleeves ripped off under overalls makes you the king of america, right there on the spot.