Saturday, August 22, 2009

hey summer, i burned you a cd

the collective subconscious is a powerful beast; i was just opining to cc the other day that i couldn't wait to make the Best Mix Ever for my boyfriend, summer 2k9. i threaten to make a lot of Best Mixes Ever - for instance, i have yet to make naomi's Best Mix Ever in celebration of her newfound loveaffliction, or the one i promised an old something or other whose serious catholic-guilt-flavored fickle has secured his position as my favorite non-boyfriend ever. that Best Mix Ever was going to be nothing short of genius, and it was absolutely going to include the cribs' "men's needs" and mariah carey.

as ever, taking my cues from the internet and figuring an invisible hand at work, i thought it time to act upon the impulse. presented here, my Best Mix Ever, made with love by me for summer 2k9. i have to wonder if my enthusiasm for this project and for all of my many, very real, very nuanced feelings is at all responsible for the summer's sudden chilly streak these last few days. i'm just going to play it cool tomorrow, have a good time with my skippy and my friends. he'll be back. he's gotta be. i just made him the Best Mix Ever.

beyonce - halo
broken social scene - tbtf
king floyd - groove me
the cars - just what i needed
michael jackson - the way you make me feel
inxs - need you tonight
pj harvey - this is love
toto - africa
grizzly bear - two weeks
cocorosie - by your side
chris isaak - wicked game
beirut - a sunday smile
common - come close to me
rihanna - umbrella
los campesinos! - you! me! dancing!
bound stems - happens to us all otherwise
janet jackson - love will never do (without you)
smokey robinson & the miracles - i second that emotion
cream - sunshine of your love
r. kelly - step in the name of love (remix)
otis redding - that's how strong my love is
yo la tengo - the summer

(download folder here)

upcoming Best Mix Evers that may or may not ever happen: BME for dudes who think talking about twitter is going to impress the ladies; BME for planning what you're going to say during your impending break-up; BME for your dog whose inevitable death is probably going to destroy you; BME to blog to

music bonus: pitchfork's top 500 tracks of the 2000s
so many BMEs made therein by emotionally repressed hipsters the world over.

every relationship has a soundtrack [jezebel]


a b said...

this is bring-me-to-tears good. we've got an ipod-ed playlist of this to plug in this afternoon, right?

also, no thing, but I couldn't open inxs and beirit.

kristin said...

all m4as converted to mp3s - sorry bout that!

and obviously this has been i-poded for everyone's (my) entertainment.