Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'll tell you, diddums. I was whacking the donkey with painted ladies.

A healthier alternative to Edward Herman's suggestion in the greatest line in his movie career is this recipe, provided by my awesome friend Kristen Shoe (name changed to protect her identity), for fudge. It is tailored from her original to account for peanut allergies which are real because if they weren't real then people who had them wouldn't get tickles in their throats when they ate peanut candy at movies in the park. If you love eating peanuts, and you don't have almond butter, then get some almond butter. Or make this with peanut butter.


Preheat the oven to 350.

Add 2 c. canned pure pumpkin (a 14 oz. can will do just fine) to one box of brownie mix:


Stir them together until it's smooth. No brownie powder left. No pumpkin. Just pre-fudge.

Spray an 8x8 or similarly sized pan with nonstick cooking spray.
Put the pre-fudge in it.

Then, get some of almond butter. Like two tablespoons or so of it. Or more. Or don't. Do whatever you want. Don't even make fudge. Why are you reading this?

Drop some spoons of this stuff on top of all the pre-fudge, and swirl it around.

Bake it for 35 minutes at 350. It won't look done. Whatever. Let it cool. Stick it in the fridge. For hours.

That's what it looks like.

Now, I just had a bit of this concoction, and let me warn you: it tastes good.


a b said...

I am a seemingly endless font of worddribble and yet I find my linguish doesn't know enough things to say to thank each one of your kinds of good individually.

awwesomeness said...

Me too

Have you heard of these guys - Exciting website, I must admit!