Friday, August 28, 2009

Muscle Shirts: A Quick Q & A

Muscle. Shirts. do I kid? I do not. If you seek a flippant skate across pop cultural trends a la late 90s mullet-obsession, move on.


A muscle shirt is great for the woman- or man-about-town who needs to maximize his style and minimize his body temperature. This style of shirt is especially key for individuals who believe that running, biking, hiking, strolling, or cruising without a shirt on is an uncouth action.


First, according to the dictionary:

Second, according to everyday sightings:

It is important here to note that I mean this kind of muscle shirt:

And not this kind:

Third, in a helpful d.i.y. demonstration:

  1. Begin with a t-shirt like this one. Notice its typicality.

2. Second, cut off the sleeves with some scissors.

Often, you will find that t-shirts have two sleeves. Cut them both off. You might choose to recycle the sleeves as sweatbands.

But that's a tutorial for another time.

3. (Optional) Cut off t-shirt neck. This is a good choice if you frequently feel restricted.

And that is all it takes to make a regular t-shirt a muscle shirt.


Many people find t-shirts a little too much fabric. Many of those same individuals feel that total shirt removal, whether for a man or a woman wearing a sportsbra, draws unwanted attention and makes unwanted ogling seem wanted. The muscle shirt, for some human beings, is a great balance of dressed but not overheated, particularly in situations requiring physical exertion that may result in sweat.


Yes, sometimes.


Simon Lach said...

Oh no, you're going somewhere where this is appropriate? This is not good.

Anonymous said...

I love these. I'm always wearing them.