Wednesday, August 26, 2009

paging all hopeful domestics

I find it hard to believe that in the almost-forty posts to date, this hasn't come up yet.

Reader, if you are there, meet Ree Drummond: confessor, cook, teacher, mother, girl-about-town, mentor. role model. amazon. wife. novelist. I'm gushing. This is a little embarassing.

she also took this resplendent pic

She's the best thing to come from downstate Illinois (sit down, juggalos!) and almost makes the prairie seem like a good idea. Some suggestions for building a relationship with her:
Girl crushing abounds.

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kristin said...

this all started with that steak sandwich a la cardiac arrest, if you recall, which quickly spiraled out of control into late night interweb romance blog reading, and here we are today. utterly in love. thank the webs for pw. our lives are inexorably changed for the awesomer, and tastier.