Sunday, August 16, 2009

"punch your weight" and other true things

legs on the fritz, love in the heart, blood on the walls. team summer wins the weekend.

let's call this a round-up.

including but certainly not - no, never! - limited to:

@ metro, where the proactive decision to take over an unmanned bag check is not looked kindly upon. see below.

(photos courtesy of labrabbit)

a total of 4.5 terrible/exhilarating minutes of this sort of thing:

gold sprints: (old style + metal + stationary bikes) x midnight = "LET'S DO THIS"
maybe more water, fewer parliament lights next time.

bikes to the beach. bikes to the bars. bikes bound for home as the sun comes up over chicago.

papa bear, the raddest, stopping through for dinner and some serious life lessons. i'll never order cappuccino after 11am again, pops, i swears. he reckons i ought to stay in chicago forever. he is very difficult to disagree with most times.

with only 9 hours of sleep in 72, there are other details. some of them are 5am milkshakes. others are pure and concentrated stupid. a lot have to do with oliver, the dog, being a general force of love and awesome at all hours of the day.

if you happened to dvr mad men or true blood, let a kristin know. i'll bring candy and wisdom*.

*mostly just candy.

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