Friday, August 14, 2009


this started as an experiment in new-fangled epistolarity and mother-adoration. meant to be an on-going interweb love letter to my mama, the sort of thing i could update constantly with trifles, photographs, and videos of pug dogs; an effort to avoid the guilt that comes with calling california only once a week (for shame!).

turns out, mama ain't so hot at the internets and i = lazy, however we have mastered the art of avoiding work via constant daily electronic mail messaging, so here - a new intention:
take the daily babble that spews forth from my fingers and make it slightly more public, give back to the anonymous tubemass what it gives to me, expect nothing.

i send inanity into the ether. we stick to what we're good at.

so here, my intertube web blog, public for the very first time.


Carrie said...

what a darling thing you are.

alicia said...

everything about this is the right thing

Diana said...

here i am my love. here i am. your mama