Tuesday, August 18, 2009

roots project (part 1?)

the project was this:

throw on elvis perkins in dearland. saddle up to the underwood portable.

scan the 1,740 words - spread out across 34 pages and 29 poems - that somehow got me a master's degree.

note words that recur, words that control images, enjamb, skew meaning. put them aside in a pile. transcribe to computer box, in case of fire.

marvel at how the one page pile amounted to 405 words. a year's work, and 25% could fit onto one page.

of course.

what to do with this tidy pile. it reads, strangely, melodically aloud. not strange, perhaps - bobby von and his "poetry without music is prose." something about a drive toward rhthym. i want to believe there is, in this abstracted clusterfuck of so many words and repetitions the same resonating ideological and tonal shifts that i tried - holy shit how hard i tried! - to insinuate into the work as a whole. but i cannot be trusted, no. hardly ever.*

i've sent this list along to a dear friend and poet with the earnest request that he not ask why or what or where but that he just do what he would like to do with my little word cloud. i want to see what he would write given similar roots. i'm not sure that i have expectations, i just have all sorts of curiosity and a terrible desire to get myself writing more often or at the very least thinking about it. should he consent first to participating and then to sharing publicly (?), i'll share his work in this space.

happy bad poetry day, indeed.

*you can trust me, though.


Minerva said...

That sounds like a super fun project (the one you gave your friend)! I hope he is willing to share. I wish I'd been able to read your thesis, actually.

a b said...

This is incredible. Give us a pile. I want to play with one of your piles.*

*I'm not a poet; prose before bros.