Wednesday, August 26, 2009

so when she asks you "what's your favorite word?" you might know how to answer

from the oxford english dictionary:

consider, v.

[a. F. considérer (14th c. in Littré), ad. L. considerare to look at closely, examine, contemplate, f. con- + a radical (found also in de-siderare to miss, desire), according to Festus, derived from sidus, sider- star, constellation. The vb. might thus be originally a term of astrology or augury, but such a use is not known in the Lat. writers.]

1. To view or contemplate attentively, to survey, examine, inspect, scrutinize. arch.

2. intr. To look attentively.

3. trans. To contemplate mentally, fix the mind upon; to think over, meditate or reflect on, bestow attentive thought upon, give heed to, take note of.
b. to consider away: to drive away by consideration or reflection. rare.

4. with obj. clause: To think, reflect, take note.

5. intr. To think deliberately, bethink oneself, reflect.
b. To take heed, be careful to do a thing. Obs.

6. trans. To estimate, reckon, judge of. Obs.

7. To take into practical consideration or regard; to show consideration or regard for; to regard, make allowance for.

8. To recognize or take account of the services of (a person) in a practical way; to requite, recompense, remunerate: see CONSIDERATION 5, 6. Obs.

9. To hold in or treat with consideration or regard; to think much or highly of; to esteem, respect.

10. To regard in a certain light or aspect; to look upon (as), think (to be), take for.

i've never met another word i could love this hard.

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