Monday, August 31, 2009

the socrates of metal

the more you know!

pearwithlegs: lemmy is a bear/god/man and i am making him a shrine
me: whatever the fuck that means i love it so goddamn hard i wanna cook it green beans and casseroles for the rest of its days.
pearwithlegs: it means you need to walk your ass over to the youtube section of the internet and watch some Motorhead or Hawkwind videos and just make sure you brought a change of granny panties

I saw that fucking half-god last the flesh
holy shit. did yo face melt off? the fuck off?
pearwithlegs: face? a puddle of pulsating goo on the house of blues floor. some poor custodial worker had a lot of mopping to do last night
: is he rasping "killed by death?" yeah. that's exactly what he's saying.
pearwithlegs: yes ma'am
me: incredible.and so logical.
pearwithlegs: he is like the socrates of metal

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