Thursday, August 20, 2009

so long, ginger kid. i'm keeping all your art.

this morning, i woke up thinking of water and advil and possibly breakfast. a very close second in thought was this ginger kid i knew and know and hope to god i always know, genetic misfortune aside. in addition to being rad at mischief and surprisingly earnest conversation, he's an accomplished painter/screen printer/comic booker/graphic designer/animator/all around artist and there's a drawing he did years ago that is pressing hard on my whimsy button at the moment. here it is:

much of what i adore about kyle's style is the unabashed vulnerability and dreaminess of his little animals. there is something in his work that i long for in myself, which is maybe a bullshitty self-involved and thoroughly bastardized way to appreciate anything. but i rather think that it is part of his intention, to innocently push buttons we'd rather not admit to having. that's all i'm saying. check out his blog and his final solo show in chicago before he leaves us all for south korea.

enjoy these in the mean time.

this is one of several kyle harter-flavored reasons why my living room is the best.

pocket pages!

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