Tuesday, August 18, 2009

titles of poems i'll never write but would

ode to an ode on my backwards cubs hat

emotional constipation: a haiku

my lover's eyes are brown, because aryans freak me out

reasons to shut the fuck up*

valediction: forbidden morning

dave eggers

onamatopoeia the acrostic

eating out**

*i actually did start to write this one, but after the first line "and stay that way," i just sort of gave up.

**fodder for years, or at least the remainder of today


Minerva said...

y'know, that list itself could be a poem. In fact, I think it already is. Including the asterisk footnotes.

kristin said...

naomi, before summer is done, i will have requested you perform an impromptu shitting slam-style poem at 2am using these as prompts. just letting you know.