Saturday, August 22, 2009

wherein i transcribe textual messages

stop me if this gets distasteful!*

n: are you watching overboard?
k: just finished. best hangover movie eva.
n: good. any other answer would have resulted in a text in all caps. question: how long was i awake at coyote's last night?
k: anti-long.
n: thought so. also we should make a sequel to overboard set at guantanamo bay and call it "waterboard." now that shit'll give a bitch amnesia.
k: woman forgets identity after being tortured within an inch of her life. torturer takes advantage of her endangered subjectivity. shenanigans ensue.
n: kurt russell can still star. the revelation scene is gonna be real awkward. but not as weird as the reconciliation scene.
k: stockholm syndrome! the rommiest com trope since singing into hairbrushes!

yup. i'd still hit it.

*you cannot stop this.

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Carrie said...

* why would you want to? idiot.