Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a word or two of advice from diana

it's mom week round the office, and the fun doesn't stop with naomi's exquisite foul (the ethiopian dish, not the gross) and robin's account of the snowglobe incident. my very own mama sends me these pearls of wisdom this morning:

Try to eat 2 whole oranges if you can and take a vitamin if you have one. Always remember to dress appropriately and look polished, yet like a lady who loves to be a woman.

and a minute later:

and a lot of liquids - I mean water, juice - not booze! And try to fit in naps - they are rejuvenating!

where would i be without diana? probably bone-tired and scurvied out of my drunk, floozied brain in a gutter somewhere smoking parliament 100s and mourning my childhood. thank the god of subtle mercies for good mothers.

bonus diana news: october 1 - 4. my love rains down on chicago.


Carrie said...

she will leave a trail of pearls of wisdom behind, I'm sure.

Emily said...

there is so much mom goodness in the world.