Tuesday, September 8, 2009

allergies, schmallergies

It's a true fact that I never had seasonal allergies in the Pacific Northwest when I lived there. Not once. Not even a little. My sister had so many that we called her "Allergies", not very creative but not a very far jump from her actual name and hey, we were kids and not very clever. For a very long time I was just under the impression that there are two kinds of people, those who have allergies and those who don't.

Let me tell you, I was wrong.

What I mean by this is that I'm not the kind of person who has allergies in the Pacific Northwest, but I am the kind of person who has crazy (I might go so far as to say "ca-RAZY") allergies to whatever flora happens to be growing in Savannah, GA in March, mild allergies to whatever grows at the beginning of every season in Chicago, and weird allergies to metal.

Not all metal, not all the time, but some metal, some times and in such a manner that whenever it happens I become really paranoid about it happening again. It's important to note here that when I explained this to my friend Glenrich (name changed to protect the innocent) he said, "What kind, like, Maiden? Slayer?". I wish.*

So here I am. Fallen victim to my own love of dressing up and unable to leave the house, maybe, because of several patches of small, compact, and itchy blisters in the shape of small, round, wire rimmed glasses. It's a rare thing when something I love, like a set of frames or a city, turns on me. Or rather my body turns on it. But let me tell you, when it does it isn't pretty. Basically, my histamine blockers need to get the fuck on it, because I'm not entirely opposed to looking like I'm wearing a blister-raccoon mask in public. Summer 2k9 is just too important.

Just saying.

*That's a lie, I don't wish that at all, because then how on earth would I ever listen to this

or this

never, that's when. pffffffff.

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Carrie said...

this post just makes me want pics of your allergied face. TAKE THEM! SEND THEM! LET'S WATCH 2TOGETHER! LET'S LIVE WEB LOG IT!!

also, your softness is showing.