Sunday, September 6, 2009

bme: ipod speaks it right

the heart it bleeds on a sunday. the audacity of those days wednesday and all the way to saturday - to be so wonderful yet carry me inevitably to the airport, where i say goodbye for far too long, as always, again.

and when the arms unwrap and faces smile and we say the words and thank you and how lovely it's been, and all the buttons are pushed and released finally, and that mountain of a human being you've known for what feels like all your life - that has mattered anyway - walks through the automatic doors and you become a bucket of sighs certain this driver's seat is where you end, you hope at the very least - if not a last minute miracle wherein the doors reopen and light and he comes running back and says one more day, we'll have one more day - you hope at the very fucking least for the right kind of song. don't let it be ac/dc. don't let it be bowie and if it's kelly clarkson, ipod, you and i are through. now is not the time. what we need is catharsis, feeble maybe, melodic definitely. something to sigh along to.

sometimes, god bless it, ipod knows.

here is what you listen to when you must return without him.

rachel's - packet switching
wilco - sunken treasure
billie holiday - in my solitude
voxtrot - the start of something
aretha franklin - natural woman
iron & wine - innocent bones
the new pornographers - go places
cocorosie - promise
noah and the whale - the first days of spring

thank the good lord for dance parties. nothing fills the friend-shaped hole in your heart like a good dance party.

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Carrie said...

the ipod sure does know. you told him.