Tuesday, September 22, 2009

he's gone.

Our girl Kristin had a big bout of the body blues today. She need not wonder why: whether she ate something amiss or hasn't eaten 2 of her 2 daily required oranges lately.

No, the problem lies elsewhere. Summer, according to the fearless and attractive leader steering my employment ship, ended today at 16:47 Central Standard Time.

Let the mourning commence, for while September will rage on in all its wizardquesting, dellscamping, pinatalighting, mildweathering, whitepartying, labordaying, tripswesting, homefriends glory, while mothers will continue to soften the autumnal blow, while the winter holds great hope for much love, Summer 2k9 is at an end.

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Simon Lach said...

I think the anti-spam word verification sums it up best when it says "fusnept".

fusnept, summer. Fusnept.