Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day! A Real Thing.

First things first:

Notice the awesome olde time stills of people in solidarity. Forgive my lack of a recording of the great Dylan Michelle (name changed to protect identity) singing this. I had to get Pete Seeger instead.

And the main event of this web log post:

It is quite obvious from the start that there exists a material connection of men with one another, which is determined by their needs and their mode of production, and which is as old as men itself. This connection is ever taking on new forms, and thus presents a "history" independently of the existence of any political or religious nonsense which would essentially hold men together.

Finally, a bonus track to bring it home:

(that happened right here! in Chicago! last December!)

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kristin said...

the convergence of sung solidarity, olde timey images, contextually relevant marx on fire, chicago, and implicit flamenco make this the perfect post.