Monday, September 14, 2009

Shenanigans on you, Taylor Swift

Short of dying, how could Taylor Swift managed to drum up as many supportive facebook posts as happened last night after the Kanye West interception?

Reader, perhaps you want to see the moment itself:

Too bad! You saw that instead.

What my incendiary opening statement intends to spark is the fire of thought that perhaps this incident was just a little too harsh. A little too spontaneous. A little too good for Taylor Swift.

What I mean to imply here is that Kanye West is a hired gun.

This incident was clearly designed to trigger an outpouring of love and support for Taylor Swift, from such big names as the supposedly wronged Beyonce herself. Maybe Taylor knew. Maybe she didn't. Bottom line: a brilliant publicist with a passion for raising MTV's ratings was behind this stunt.

If I'm never seen again, look for me in a subterranean times square dungeon. I'll be taped to a theater seat with my eyelids pinned open watching Last Call with Carson Daly. but never fear. they can't take my spirit.

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