Monday, October 12, 2009

help wanted (se busca ayuda)

a few weeks ago in the dizzying depths of work bustle, a glimmer of an idea skimmed over my synapses and now it's taken over.

the corporation is in need of some interns.

oliver has not pulled his weight around this household since ever, our old new neighbor is tied up with convalescent care (updates on the heel coming soon), and our new naomber is jetting across the country to ditch her volvo in seattle (the only town that will take good care of that wagon). and we're busy girls.


WANTED: young, motivated persons seeking professional experience to complement academic credentials. daily tasks to include production in the culinary and domestic arts, design of the fashion and interior varieties, and leadership in new initiatives. the weak of knees or faint of heart need not apply. flexibility and ambition key. priority goes to applicants who can find worthwhile bit torrent files in less time than the leadership team becomes indifferent to the music they purportedly contain. applicants should expect travel to satellite offices. smokers acceptable (contingent on brand). ability to create an attractive and meaningful visual of social networking capacity a bonus. salary paid in fun dollars; wages garnished upon complaint.

referrals rewarded in intern dollars.

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