Thursday, October 29, 2009

love letters pending

one song after the next assailing the ol' heartbrain these days. got the itch to make a song mix and share with you some something, maybe a lyric love letter to home. but which - chicago or california?

what with all the nostalgia and lovefeelings lately, it's difficult to do much but miss the west, or rather some very specific and dear things in it. my family. the pacific and a handful of favorite faces. the mountains and wine and also, yes, obviously the weather. seasons are lovely and i've a weakness for scarves and boots, sure. but here and there, i wouldn't mind heading to the huntington gardens on a 68 degree sunday and gorgeous in december. wouldn't bother me one bit and i'd no doubt make for that sunday an excellent soundtrack. something to make the heart sing and dance a bit.

but here i am in chicago where i am and i am well enough in this city that shamelessly wades knee deep in its own filth; no pretenses of glamor at all. chicago is corrupted and cold and mired in a history of greed, racial tension, industrial terror, and meteorological assfuckery. yet, in spite or perhaps even because of all of this, this place has humility and headstrength and what grown-ups call "character" for days. and there is the fucking soul it saturates everything, giving life round these parts a swing and a swagger that comes tough and correct and lord hold me closer i do love this city.

so what is it then, a love letter written full o' wists and with affection shaped by lacking?
or one to what i've got here mucking up my own two hands, here and not just but so, so fine, here what is quotidian but cozy?

new york is of course never in the running, as it is certifiably the silliest and i've never written a lovey note to anything silly in my life.

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Lindsay Mazzocco said...

you wouldn't know beans about the heart my brooklyn's got. i dare you to wrap your heartbrain-arms around even one bean. [this isn't a matter of bean circumference or arm-length].

i do miss that character though. and the faces.