Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sir Oliver "dudemeister" William Wallace McGillicuddy Leroy McDaniel McQueen McAwesome Lovebottom

Tomorrow (not Friday as an insidious public relations campaign might have had you believe) is the one-year anniversary of Olivier's adoption.

Despite all of the bad smelling, all of the untimely barking, all of the freeloading, we love him ever so dearly. The following photoessay skates across the many looks of Oliver (enjoy some background music: ).

Oliver, after a hard day at the office.

Oliver, napping.

Oliver, post-first-haircut-fiasco, looking inquisitive. He also looks here like an old dog with a young heart. Notice the thick, thick cataracts.

Oliver, compared to my arm. Contrary to pupular belief, he's really a very tiny little guy.

Oliver is very into cameras. He enjoys having his picture taken quite a lot.

Oliver loved the love sack the moment it rolled through the front door.

Spectacles, and

Spectacles. He's getting his own pair as soon as he gets a job.

His first day home,



One year ago tomorrow, this happened:

Named for a street urchin, with histories untold, brimming with joy and crabbiness, he's our dog. and we love him so.

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klooky said...

a year ago today, at about this time, this dog was getting a bath and a talking to on how to be most handsome, winsome, and darling. how to catch the eyes of the flightiest broads in the joint. how to anchor a soul on all sides with pure, unbridled love and sustain it every day with hugs, tap dancing, and big spoons. thank the god of fluffy things for this fucking dog and our stupidly good luck.