Monday, November 30, 2009

in the interest of honesty

(although i do wonder if honesty gives nearly the damn about me that i give about it)

november was, by some science, a failure.

i sacrificed almost nothing, saw the sun rise twice, suffered numerous headaches of unwholesome origins, ate nearly zero spinach whatsoever and there was even an incident that combined tacos not only with beer but with mayonnaise and hours of overindulgence.

i apologize for nothing.

in the gorgeous tradition of the months dating back to july before it, november had something of a charm and a warmth and a welcome to it. it is extremely possible that i'm a fool and a lunatic, but i am almost certain this collision of pretty little worlds and exquisite brains and excellent faces was real.

i am almost certain it's real.

p.s. i ate a fuckton of cheese and did all the making out. [homeschool high five!]


Simon said...

Spinach is for suckers, unwholesome = fun, and your exquisite brains got their ass kicked in scrabble by my half retarded ones. While high. Eat it.

klooky said...

vive le swordyrevolt!

Emily said...

Fuck yeah, November! You did everything you set out to do (even if dehydration often occurred).