Sunday, November 1, 2009


october was such a pretty thing that started with a mama and ended with a blissful buzzed and buzzing. we loved october well and now there is november, an extra hour, and what hopes.

november has such promise.

the plan here includes the self-imposed moratorium i've been muttering about for a few weeks now, wherein i tone down the midweek and even weekend (!) funtimes in favor of sleep, hydration, life enrichment activities, and increased essential vitamin intake, with special occasional breaks; birthdays, say. or tacos. which necessitate beer. (science.)

like every last one of us here, i ought to write more and with far greater and more consistent dedication.
like every last one of us here, i ought to get more sleep and cut it the fuck out with this budding and dangerous love affair with coffee.

in addition:
read more books.
submit. for the fuck of shit, i have yet to even try. submit. (suggestions welcome. wholly welcome.)
eat leafy greens, more leafy greens, and fruit every day.
less cheese, probably. the bacon stays.
take the bike out every last remaining and amenable day.
revisit closet solutions.
push-ups for chrissakes.
call home twice a week.
purge itunes of garbage. the crap, not the band.
tackle sewing projects.
make out way more.
reconsider use of leggings as pants.
haha! jk.
finish the wind up bird chronicle. on principle. do not groan.
give up on bubble shooter. it's a terrible game.
smoke slightly less.
deep condition weekly.
quit making that face.
take oliver on longer walks.
make cc fritattas.
demonstrate love and patience daily.
and again, write some fucking poetry.

november has such promise.


Christine said...

drink more water

a b said...

God, get a fucking shoe rack already, would ya?

Also: walk (with your dog?) or bike (because you bike?) to the nearest George Foreman Grill Retailer. Buy one of them things. Then come home, slice up some *D*'Anjou pears and put them slices on the hot George.

It takes like five minutes to grill them, during which time you could be patient and stop making that face.

Grilled pairs + arugula + almonds + basalmi + cheese (ricotta gets all warm and delicious but I like goat cheese in little chunks better) + thin red pepper rings + some tomatoes? + maybe almonds? + maybe chunks of deli meat chicken? + golden raisins = remember when we used to discriminate between fruit and lettuce salads? Like the dark ages...

Emily said...

Ditto on the submission front. Ditto on the hiatus from life and the deep conditioning, body hydrating, love and patience and sleeping business as well. Tacos too. Except for the coffee. I love it far too much to give it up. But most of all, November is for writing.

Kyle said...

the end of Wind Up Bird...not totally worth it. drop it. pick up Hardboiled Wonderland instead. read, re-read, hoover, re-use.