Monday, December 28, 2009

what we have here is a failure to communicate

some best-ofs from the 2k9 google voice transcripts:
  • Hi Tara, I forgot to tell you that. Yeah, Hello, I forgot to tell you that Uncle Steve called last nightand he said he said that. Or, since there white Colby free town I. I think you're planning goingover there and this is to pick up before you get a chance. Yes, you can get there tonight. Call me oryou can't get there on the way. Call me and I'll get it and you can take it from there alright. Bye.
  • Hi Carol, This is your Mom. I just wanna let you know, we're going to visit import sacked on and she's getting. Clumpy specials for lunch if you wanted to come with us. You're welcome to, but I don't know where you are. When you coming home or whatever. Okay, so have fun today on pulling. Yep, Turkey and that kind of stuff we're doing that the taco thing tonight and you can least having friends from 6 o'clock but I don't think think city you're going to be a m storms won't matter. Okay, have fun bye.
  • Hey Lynn, it's hello hello.
  • Hey Scott were at the cellphone like give us a buzz when you get down the baggage claim. Love you. See you soon. Bye.
  • Hi Karen, Just bring my own phone. Talk to you later. Bye for now on.
  • Carrie this still in. I have other questions about the experience. Gimme a call.
  • Ohh call, just a matter and mining voicemail like that.
*note that all voicemails were left for me even though only one of the transcripts correctly identifies my name.

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