Thursday, January 14, 2010

a veritable cabinet! a cabinet!

for no reason i or anyone else will be able to discern, this pops into my brain this afternoon.

i was 19 and spending the summer working in venice beach at a job the radness of which i'll likely never again experience on a paid basis.

an afternoon to be spent at the museum of jurassic technology and me without an idea of what that could possibly in all the world mean. i love surprises/I HATE SURPRISES.

this was surely one to love. an afternoon spent drinking tea and the strange whimsy of the arcane and the erudite. recalling, this afternoon, that afternoon, i come across the word "superfiction." i am amused.

more so because several winters ago i traveled to california with a heavy thing in tow, hoping to demonstrate to maybe my family but mostly myself that this was a Real Thing, because lord knows only Real type Things share cigars with your father, sleep on the bed your mother made, make you feel this fucking exhausted. it was my damndest intention if ever i had one to make sure i shared this bizarre little macarthur genius-funded corner of los angeles with him who i desperately wanted to pretend was a Real Thing. he, as we know, was not, in the end, and i never shared it with him. probably because we were too busy fighting over the finer points of the fine line between being crazy and being in love. here's a fun interlude:

haha! yeah right beyonce. JK BEYONCE. <3 u gurl.

i was overjoyed this afternoon to recall that afternoon and the failure of some of my weakest intentions because i then came across, some time after superfiction, the very exhibit i struggled to hold onto as close as i'd always hoped i would (and it's funny, you'll see, it's so incredibly funny, you'll see!). somewhat dubious geoffrey sonnabend and his crazy cone of obliscence, which is i think some fancy frenchified way of spelling several other words we do know all related to forgetting. this is where it becomes slightly funny, i think. maybe you don't think. why don't you think some time you?! geez!

something to get you started, maybe.

obliscence, theories of forgetting 

the point is, anyway or so i think, forgetting is inevitable and on occasion a mercy and no matter how furious the effort there are blessed boundaries between real and imagined. but i recall now in a new year everything i think i ought, and with that i think a better year, and still chances to share this little corner with some other kind of thing. maybe real. maybe not. but new and interesting as all get out, at the very, very least.  

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Christine said...

And drinking more water. Don't forget to drink more water.