Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a friend in california

this morning, a large brown envelope of 100% recycled material.

(thank god.)

tear it open, loving mystery(/hatingmystery).

remember the hows and the whys of your few crucial friendships. the ones you fear at times may sink you, the ones you know matter, no matter anything.

"have one on me" is the most appropriate thing streaming anywhere on your whole stupid planet right now.

this one, she knows in no uncertain terms the importance of these things.

alicia, you're a rotten bitch and i love you so fucking much. thank you.

my mystery on a wednesday:

no time to wrap it around me as one ought, quite yet, this being a workday and everything. a quick though loving perusal finds these, falls for these, adds these to the list we keep nowhere that can be found. 

Your animals
are not so unspecific. (poem at home)
You are only/ here to leave me alone. (poem with lifestyle)
Most of what we say will hardly matter. (a heap of language)
and, hilariously, gorgeously:
Even in danger/ you're a writer, liar.

1 comment:

Alicia B said...

This carved little mind I've been
smashing around in, thinking,
around with, is flashing, not
with plastic or with shadow
or with damaging winds
or laughter, but with plans--
I plan at you; I play unsanitary;
I point and I pull at your eyes.

(Poem Beside Itself)

You are a planner. You make plans.
Even rotten girls aren't too hard to tear a bit at poetry/friendship ramblings. Blogs and UPS second-day delivery keep these messenger pigeons alive (and messing up the sidewalks).