Tuesday, February 23, 2010

why don't you get over yourself and get under this

one happy saturday, naomber and me took a stockpot and added about a quarter cup of oil to it. then we turned the burner way up and threw in a few kernels of unpopped corn. then, we heard a strange sound. it was the corn popping! so we added another half cup of unpopped popcorn, and shook the pot around. when we got tired of shaking the pot, every three to five seconds, we set it back on the burner to make sure the pot stayed hot. we shook, shook, shook til the corn stopped popping, and then we let the popcorn sit a minute.

since we're crazy and nuts, we split it up between two bowls and poured a shit ton of melted butter over both of those bowls. then on one bowl of popcorn, we put some seasoned salt! like lawrys or old bay! and on the other, we just ground up some black pepper. then we tossed the popcorn all around those bowls with some tongs. I used those tongs on my grill last summer when I made some brats. but that's a story for another time.

then we watched beaches!!!!


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Julianna said...

Homemade popcorn and BEACHES! Beaches, the best PMS cry your heart out movie of all time?! You are doing it ALL right.

Ryan said...

you are a true and loyal disciple. i take solace in knowing that you are spreading the good word of poppin corns. remember - never use your tongs to spread illwill, but always for the betterment of things.

-the professional

ps - next time, whilst buttering and salting, throw some chili/lime/tequila on those puppies. or maybe just some freshly grated parmagiano reggiano. mm.