Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dancing, dancing

Quiet street. Strewn with February's litters. Snow melting. One might even fool oneself into believing this is it and we are arrived, the worst of it quite over and only wave upon wave of even better yet to come. March, stepping softly but resolute, in a revealing pantsuit.
Hobo, emerging from his smoky corner by the 7-11: Careful, girl. Someone's gonna party that ass.*

**SPOILER ALERT** It's me. I'm going to party that ass.

New York: March 13-15
Boston in Chicago Exchange Program: March 20-22
little poem published in elimae
South by Southwest (Vote for Disrespectoids, because it's great and because it represents a lot of hard work on behalf of the creator and also cause FRIENDSHIP)

* This quote is a documentary. Uttered without shame or compunction at Ol' Mazzy Bear, whose boomboom is by all standard and street definitions 100% partyable.


Lindsay said...

correction! he was not homeless, nor a 7-11 dweller. the man was an elderly chess player, reclining in his wheelchair while he looked my things (alright, thing) up and down and told me my future.


klooky said...

artistic license. see: pantsuit.