Monday, March 1, 2010

forget snakes! beware of the tropical bullet ant.


fear is usually irrational.

I had, for the first time ever last week, the fabulous experience of being utterly terrified of something reasonable. well, it was in a dream. but it still counts.

this is what happened:

1. I fell asleep.

2. I had a normal nightmare about bad guys running after me. maybe there was some coolio playing in the background. who can tell?

3. I woke up and thought, nuts! a nightmare. I don't want to go back to sleep now.

4. I fell asleep.

5. I had a nightmare that I was very prepared to enter into a business deal with a reputable gentleman, and then found out that he was actually involved in a lot of uncomfortable deals in higher education. lots of conflicts of interest in his c.v.

6. I woke up, panicking, sweating, worse than (3) by far.

7. I realized that somehow, some of my reason wins some of the time.

am I sorry? perhaps. deal with this.

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