Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ramen: more ruiny than naomi

this was once a happy home.

and then the ramen happened.

having enjoyed a solid wednesday - one of the better in recent records, really - cc and i end the day with a wrap-up session round the table, armed with fridge juice. murmurs concerning grocery stores. self-deprecating comments regarding ramen.

things escalate quickly round these parts. could be the sun making us cocky, the strength returning to legs and hearts. could be the beer. could be the bad attitudes.

here is how it ends:
cc is on the side of packaged top ramen.
i aim to make my own stock and find the right noodles.

don't you tell me how to do the math. we're all for empiricism and stomach ache-shaped spite on the fun block. i say i'll spend less money making my own damn ramen. cc says i'm an idiot.

i'll be laughing at her from the far end of my scorched earth and homemade ramen lined path to victory.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

I believe in this contest. I will close fine print style if necessary. also, I stole the klook's coke. bam.