Thursday, March 25, 2010


lessons are for pussies.

other ways in which this is some messed up jambalaya:
CULOO, CULAAY, no work today!
We're cabbages and kings!
i know right?! get a job leafy greens and puppet monarchs!
CULOO, CULAAY, come run away!
Where theres cabbages and kings!
who goes to bhutan for vacation? mushbrained mollusks with an overactive death drive. that's who. idiots.
CULOO, CULAY, we'll eat today!
Like cabbages and kings!
how do cabbages eat? like savages, probably. like bloodlusting murder cultivars, i bet.
i bet you taste as pretty as you smell. 

disney's on some crazy shoot, tell you what.


Lindsay said...

friendship, who cares? THIS is the best blog post. THIS.

Lindsay said...

although: right click 'bhutan', open in new tab, ctrl+f 'cabbage', 0 results.

saying, is all.

klooky said...

this blog post represents a good 10 minutes of intense cross-referencing and wikipedia research.

kindly post your complaints on your own personal web log. oh. you don't have one? well.