Tuesday, March 23, 2010

two updates

I. Oliver is not dead.

II. (not) specific. An internet web log dedicated to my dedication to underachievement. And also, poetry. SPRING BREAK.

III. **BONUS UPDATE** You didn't even sign up for this one, but you're getting it anyway: I spend three days away from the internet only to return to find that health care reform has mercifully passed and it didn't even take Justin Beiber 24 hours to reclaim his dominance in Twitter trending topics from one of the greatest reform efforts our generation is likely to see.

 The purpose of this auxiliary update is threefold:
1. To point out that I had just the loveliest fucking weekend with the dearest sort of friends.
2. To express, uncontroversially and incontrovertibly and without condescending to gloating, my relief and delight about the legislation. And also a way to segue into sharing this amusing graphics interchange format image that is currently being awesome on the internet:
Obama - neo con tears
3. To acknowledge that I know what a Justin Beiber is, and that I am the sort of person who gets irrationally frustrated by Twitter trending topics. I am okay with your judgments.

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