Sunday, April 18, 2010

tic tack talk

guess what? I ripped this picture off of the Internet because I didn't want to walk to Naomi's
and get our authentic bottle to photograph and include in this post. Deal with it!

there's nothing like the national drink of el salvador mixed with pineapple juice and orange drank to get the old chatterboxes going. I'm not sure if it's the rooster on the front of the bottle, or the size of the alcohol content disclosure (30%), but it really helps young ladies fact hard facts:
  • spring is a good way to get ready for summer, which is the best;
  • kittens win at everything;
  • more school might be okay sometime;
  • there are more good people in the world than we know what to do with;
  • we know some fine* artists;
  • and, most importantly, hangovers are best done with scrabble boards.
I recommend that you get yourself a career coffee friend (you may borrow ours as necessary with appropriate qualifications**) and make her bring you some Tic Tack from her next coffee adventure.

*"fine" always indicates "fine" in the Kerlin style of diction; that is, "fine" as in "my wife is fine" rather than "fine" as in "oh, okay, yes, that."
**old naomerbear will keep the company of only the greatest among us. inquire within regarding appropriate credentials for applicants.


Emily Dendinger said...

I wish there was a "like" button on blog posts.

Naomi said...

i totally thought you had gotten another bottle of tick tack from somewhere and was about to flip my shit.