Monday, May 24, 2010

my boyfriend's back

tom skilling is that guy at the party who nurses a lukewarm corona light while watching you and your boyfriend drunkenly lick each others' faces. 

anyone who wants to bore me with science and equinox related facts can see themselves to a part of the internet that gives a shit. it's summer in my mind, (would be) summer in my pants (if i was wearing them. which i'm not, and won't again, until december). 

i feel like i'm already falling behind in my seasonal affair. the hints have been around all month and i'm only just realizing i'm knee deep in love.  in may, we put the windows down and drove through south central los angeles, broken social scene curating. we jumped from perfectly good airplanes and saw our best friends and histories, surprised our mothers with our faces, feared concussions in san francisco, read about german amnesia (for which there must surely be a word - an intensely specific word) and guffawed awkwardly, appropriately, at the phrase "eat me raw, mister."  there have been lawns, too, and games for them. boards unlocked in level 9. i'm not talking about how many tacos. chess. 

it turns out i've been here all along. 

and now to pick a song - a single song? - to commit to for the months ahead. we all know i'll commit to nothing but instead end up making you a mixtape because a mixtape says i care. 

i care.

let's pick a place to start, though.

give me three good reasons to stop listening to this song ever. what? can't hear you. busy listening to local natives. 

i'll dance with u, gurl.

what would follow here is a video that does not exist for a song that does called "english garden" and it's by a band called like pioneers that i'd like to invite into my home so i can make them shrimp cocktail and micheladas which sounds not at all strange but kind of perfect to me.

it all sounds kind of perfect to me. 

UPDATE: 2:42 - 2:45 of the Robyn video wins. everything. dancepunch4eva. 

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