Thursday, May 20, 2010

why I knit

once, my sister went and got herself pregnant. after several years of wanting to have a baby with her husband that she loves, she was pretty happy. except that she got herself pregnant with a real pain-in-the-neck baby who landed her on bedrest and in one doctor's office after another.

anyhow, as a person who knits, I was delighted. baby blankets are basically the best to knit ever, and I found a pattern for a dragon. knitting a dragon was like a dream come true, except that this particular dream was coming true while I sat anxiously in a family waiting room with my parents and grandmother and brother and other sister. I knitted and watched them play rummy and hoped for good things from the exhausted heap of pregnancy lying in a hospital bed down the hall.

I finished the dragon and handed it over to the kid who was too sick for people like me to do things like hold him. and then I kind of forgot about the dragon.

then my old man told me about how the kid doesn't talk all that much yet, but he knows how to use words. "Like dragon," my father said. "He was upset and Shannon asked him what he wanted and he pointed to that damn dragon you knitted him and said, 'Dragon.' He hasn't said it since then."

and so that's why I knit. with knitting, I can pick some of the first words a child says. and I knit so that a kid can start out with one of these:

and can eventually handle one of these:

I also knit for forearm strength like many professional American football players.

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klooky said...

darling. simply darling. i never even got to see the dragon, but i love knowing it exists.