Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


if you light a circle of candles around your macbook and watch this video in the dark, alone, alone as you can stand to be, and possibly very drunk, you'll see your future past.

always already listing

aspirational living.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

good news: tornado warnings are full of shit.

i buried myself in a bottle of cheap red and cc walked in whistling. 

we live to internet another day. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the dictionary of obscure sorrows

dry pocket

n. the phantom vibration of a hip whose corresponding pocket is phoneless, which is a psychosomatic alert that you are losing the ability to sightread the mood of one of your friends.

i'll throw the stupid thing away before i give up on you.  


Monday, June 21, 2010

how to: make it all feel better

the following internets are bits of pie made out of money.

admiral factly, you make the best cocktails and magic.

sady rides again

tiger beatdown is one of the very best places on the whole internet, and if you don't agree, you're probably a little bit stupid, or into ayn rand. haha redundancy!

Ayn Rand writes the stupidest things you’ve ever heard, but she wraps it up in this package that says you have to be A GENIUS to agree with her, so you make your way through the seventy-seven page speech and you’re like, “I DO agree! Plus I done gone and read me some philosophy! I ARE a genius, Ayn!

every word is worth reading. these broads are hilarious, brutally intelligent, and definitely not into rape.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

saucy with a twist


Friday, June 18, 2010


for a time, to describe poetry after auschwitz. (mulligans allowed.)

to envision an impossible future. (depending on cultural geography, maybe.)

occasionally, when one is feeling sensational and stupid:

you tell me that's not the look of a man who knows he's about to die. 


how much love i have to give.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

bitch better step off

bFffs, dammit

lisa, the yard duty we could all agree was the "coolest" (in as much as our 10 year old brains understood cool as a characteristic and yard duties as preordained villains), used to put one hand on each of our shoulders and croon mccartney's and stevie's "ebony and ivory." i, of course, cared as little then as i do now about paul mccartney's post-beatles career, but even still, the gesture always left us giggling.

i understood the "ebony" part; my childhood best friend's name was ebony. i did, however, find it both amusing and perturbing that i was by default assigned "ivory," since even at 10 years old the bitchier girls on the yard would point out, with no mistake in tone, what they called my "permatan," knowing even then that the vaguely ethnic looking friend would always be an easy outlet for their budding and subtle cruelties.

but i appreciated that lisa, as distant and adult as she was, could easily discern that ebony and i were best friends. we played sports together, shared clothes and secrets and crushes on a tall, half-black all-beautiful boy named alonzo, slept over at one another's houses every weekend, cried together, fell ill together, quietly and naively rebelled together. even our mothers were close, often splitting pitchers of margaritas on the patio of the only half-decent mexican-ish restaurant to be found in a white-washed, conservative suburban fever dream 33 miles north of los angeles in 1993. if it was some nascent brand of implicit solidarity communicated by our yet unrealized otherness that brought us together, i didn't know and i probably wouldn't have given a shit.

ebony was my best friend, plain and simple; from my first AYSO team to my first period to my first kiss, she was there. seriously, she was hiding around the corner shrieking when brandon stuart stuck his tongue in my mouth while i convulsed uncontrollably with laughter behind miss allman's portable. i loved her.

i have not seen her in years, though we occasionally send brief, but loving messages across the internet. she is beautiful and successful and fiery as hell. she made me cry so many times. she knew me before i had breasts. her place in my heart and history remains paramount.

which is why i think this is bullshit.

via nyt, stupidest place on the internet.

Monday, June 14, 2010

not a secret in sight

i'm not in the mood to pretend at secrets: i love the internet.

i find great entertainment and joy in combing through the annals of the asinine and oddly specific to find bits of surprising humor and macabre intrigue. (ed. note: that last article is earnestly bookmarked on my home computer in the "important information" file.)

online social networking seems, to me, mostly important, but only insofar as it provides a powerful platform through which one can develop and redevelop relationships with meatpeople via extremely droll quips and harmless shared information. the white noise created by hyper-intimate and self-indulgent facebook/twitter/fourfuckoff updates neither contributes to nor denigrates my online experience, but it does make me question why i spend so much damn time on the internet. this place can be as intensely depressing as it is wildly amusing.

ultimately, however, i am here (and here, and here) because what we have at our disposal is an incredible tool that amplifies and accelerates daily life and thought in a fashion that we can - yes, we can - dictate. were we having this conversation with our faces, i might emphasize the word "tool" (stop being a child).  as with any other instrument, we are the agents acting upon it, manipulating it to best serve our ends, whatever they may be. creatives will create, scientists will science, men who find joy dressing up in intricate horse makeup and flexing about their backyards on videotape for later upload to youtube will flex.*


the internet is, at its simplest, an instrument to facilitate more sophisticated communication, to catalyze relevant grass roots movements, and, crucially, to archive invaluable information for, like, the rest of time. it is a medium, not a message; olds who fear we will all one day walk hoverboard around sporting virtual reality goggles whilst neglecting the material world about us are hilariously fulfilling their prophesied role as lovable, curmudgeonly old coots with too much time and an increasing dread that the world is moving on without them.

i may be a fool or an optimist and probably both, but i like to think that the fundamental value of our digital universe lies in its utility towards preserving and advocating on behalf of a physical world that does suffer, deteriorate, and perish.  the clemenceau case is categorized as a "lost film."  gone. forever. born of a time in which any archive was as fallible and doomed as the human hand maintaining it. there are scores of silent era films that join clemenceau in utter obscurity, and beyond films, books, poems, epistles, paintings, blue prints, missions, lives. and there are scores, increasing in number, that appear through the shit-stained haze of a wholly destructive human history to be saved, after all.

i love the internet for enabling cultural salvation as much as i hate the internet for surely dooming us all (here is where i would have linked to any number of truly terrible, awful, no good very bad fuckstupid websites reporting on "celebrity newsgossip" or "your fashion sucks" or, i don't know, "the drudge report"). ultimately, though, i have faith that for every 4channer getting his rocks off fucking with hypersensitive, overly indoctrinated comment forum vigilantes, there is, somewhere, something worth saving given new breath for the benefit of future generations.

if the ingrateful little shits ever learn to appreciate anything, of course.

now, some relevant internet links to blogs, photographs, and other shit i think wonderful, and maybe you will, too:
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and a relevant photograph:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

now we look like an ipad

props to the K for the new web blog design.

ongoing project

i don't like it when people say normal things. 
~ cc, 8:08pm on a thursday

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


please enjoy this entertaining compilation video while i continue to attempt being human.

Monday, June 7, 2010

bunny get around

i don't want to get into the habit of telling you how to live your life, but if you do it once, you'll learn. twice and you'll see. thrice and you'll know.