Monday, July 5, 2010


Dear colleagues,

As summer merrily ticks by (I saw a commercial for football season the other morning, and I'm not using football in the World Cup way), the Corporation finds itself with two invitingly blank bags boards. The Board has decided, therefore, to commission some Art.

  • The challenge. Design and implement two complementary pieces of Art, one regarding Michael Jackson and one contemplating Prince. The Art will be the bags boards; bags boards will be Art.
  • The prize. Bragging rights, right of first refusal (ROFR) for the inaugural bags game to be played on the boards once the Art is finished, a lifetime supply of key lime pie, and a bottle of Buffalo Trace.
  • The deadline. We will accept entries until July 26. Once a winner is selected, we require the Art to be finished no later than the September Birthday Party, though we would prefer a faster turnaround time on the Art such that we can play lots of bags games all summer.
  • The entries. We would like to see a proposal for your Art. You can communicate that proposal in any way you see fit: a short film, sketches, dioramas, or skits would all be appropriate. The proposal can be mailed to Corporate Headquarters, emailed to Chicago Summer (address below), or hand delivered to any Trustee of the Corporation (i.e., cc, the klook, oliver).

Please email all questions, including requests for information about the bags boards as they currently exist, to Chicago Summer at


Is this a real contest?

How can I become a judge for the contest?
There are still a few spots open on the Panel of Judges. Submit your application to be a Judge to Chicago Summer at

Can I be a judge and submit a proposal?
Of course not.

How much key lime pie is "a lifetime supply"?
You tell me!

Thanks for participating. We welcome questions and comments to Chicago Summer (see contact information above).

Best regards,

The Corporation.

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klooky said...

brilliant tagging, c squared.