Thursday, July 8, 2010

sister cities!

an open letter

Dear Chicago Summer,

I plan to spend a little bit of time with you in the very near future and I am highly judgmental. Soooo, I was thinking... if you're still looking for a judge or two for this Prince/King-of-Pop Art Contest judges panel, I'd love to join up or in or both. And if you're not convinced, I can seduce you with the fun ways in which grammatical symbols change the meaning of Prince/King-of-Pop Art Contest. Or not, whatever.

See you soon, shithead. (I love you!)

Yours truly and always,
on a coast west of you,
in a state that's golden--
the foggy part,
where in summer, fall, winter, and spring,
it's always cardigan season,
at least in the mornings and evenings--
and forever,
San Francisco

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