Thursday, August 26, 2010

blogs i would have blogged but didn't; or, abortions

below (the below) are some titles to posts i apparently started in the last few months but never finished, most likely for one of the following reasons:

1. i got listless and lazy, and writing is HARD
2. drunk
3. anti-han. han would never finish writing a web log post and, despite feeling suddenly too vulnerable, hit "publish." we are on a strict be like han diet these days. (not coincidentally, we look and feel terrific.) 
4. terrible
5. upon re-reading, we (i) realized half of everything we (i) say is unmitigated bullshit. in addition to our han diet, we are evangelical bullshit mitigators these days. business is booming. 
6. any combination of the above. almost most certainly some combination of the above. try to match the reasons to the titles!

a. maybe you have a friend
b. if/then
c. poem: ode to an ode on a weekend i wrote one weekend when i was enjoying myself too hard
d. it's not you, it's me
e. L TO THE O TO THE L!!!!!!!!!!!!
f. new business ideas
g. nice things men have said to me recently, the horrible horrible sequel
h. ¡mind your own business, buckshot! 

apropos of nothing/everything:

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