Friday, August 6, 2010

PARTY GAME #2: Mad Libs Based on Things Alicia Says!

explore the space of your brilliance! let your flag fly high!

1. Making the most of a(n) [ESOTERIC NOUN] mix-up; or, getting your [NOUN RELATED TO SOCIAL SIGNIFIER] [DOUBLE ENTENDRE'd VERB]ed after an emotional [NOUN; INEVITABILITY]

how droll! GOLD STAR!

2. The point to be taken here is that the [NOUNS THAT ARE NOT YOU, YOU SNOWFLAKE!] who are [ADJECTIVE DESCRIBING THOSE NOUNS THAT ARE NOT YOU, YOU'RE WONDERFUL!] should be that way alone while [SELF DESTRUCTING VERB]ing and not on the [DIGITAL PUBLIC SPACE], or whatever.

have i ever told you you look great in a good sense of humor? ooh la la with that clever on you. 

3. Kristin is a(n) [ADJECTIVE] [NOUN] who [VERB]s [NOUN]s without [NOUN, PROBABLY "COMPUNCTION"] but I cannot help but love her because she understands me. [VERB] you, Kristin. 

oh alicia. love you, too.


Alicia B said...

Everything is a party if you play by the rules.

I wish I had ten of you. Of course, if there were ten of you, we'd have to find a much, much bigger game room. We might want to think about finding a bigger game room anyway.

Carrie said...

are you making fun of me because mad libs was my gimmick last weekend?

klooky said...

i don't make fun of, i only wanna make fun with.

summer's running out. enough of the misunderstandings. they are so beneath us.